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Coaches Important Dates

Clean up Day Parkway Little League
TB, CP, MP Coach Training
IL & AL Coach Training
Coach Meeting

Better Coaches. Better Games. Better Leagues.

Coaches are among the most important volunteers in the Little League® program.

Coaching Philosophy

The coaches must be sensitive to the mental and physical limitations of children of little league age and recognize that the game is a vehicle of training and enjoyment, not an end in itself. They must lead by example that they respect the judgment and position of authority of the umpire. Also, they must instill in the players respect for the authority of the adult leaders in the league. They must exercise their leadership role adequately, but leave the ball game in the hands of the players. They should strive to meet the mission of Parkway Little League


On the tabs below, you will find just a few of the myriad of resources available online through web pages, PDF documents, and videos (most popularly and easily accessible: YouTube). 

As a volunteer coach, you have a responsibility to give the players your best effort in advancing their skill and knowledge level starting from where they currently are INDIVIDUALLY. 

As a volunteer coach, you likely have limited time, but still care deeply about the game of baseball and about kids. 

30 minutes of dedicated preparation per week can be the right amount of time to get your practice(s) planned, as well as your game strategy in place. Committing to giving that 30 minutes can be the difference between feeling prepared for your players, and feeling unsuccessful in your job as a coach. You are encouraged to do the former.

In addition, reach out to the Parkway Coaching Manager, other coaches, Parkway board members, or friends that you know play or have played baseball and find out what skill drills and practice techniques they like. You don't have to recreate everything on your own. You'll be able to put your "stamp" on your coaching over time.

Enjoy your coaching experience!!

All coaches are required to complete and submit the following 

*Volunteer Form and Copy of ID

*Concussion training certificate

*Diamond Leader Training

 Diamond Leader Training Program - Little League

*Coaching agreement-signed at coach meeting

 Please email or turn in these forms to Candice.

Practice Plans

Drill Videos

Online Training

Training resources on the web


Please view this basic first aid video. It is required for all coaches.

Abuse Awareness for Adults

While not required, this video covers details that would be good for all coaches to consider.

Pitching Tracking Documents

Pitching is important to the game of baseball. Managing youth pitchers so they can compete for years to come is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than a win/loss record. 

These documents are to help you as coaches and managers track pitchers' throws and keep them healthy and injury-free. 

SUGGESTION: Begin pitching practice right away for all players on the team and do so every practice. When busy weeks with make-up games and tournaments come around, you'll be glad you did!

~Committing to being a coach, an assistant coach, or a manager will fulfill your required volunteer hours~